How to Bet on Soccer


How to Bet on Soccer

How to bet on soccer is a very important article for the soccer-loving fans all over the world. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It is being played by up to 250 million players in all over 200 countries in the world.

Many supporters and fans of soccer like to bet for fun on their favorites teams in which they strongly support, we have the World Cup which comes up once in four years, also some continental cups like European Cup, Copa America Cup and  Confederation African Cup also come up in four or two years interval.

Also we have various soccer leagues across the world in which each country has their own league which they play for over 10 months, the most popular of those leagues are the English Premier League, Spanish Laliga League, The Italian Series A, The German Bundesliga and also the French Ligue 1. Those are the most watched leagues around the world, and they have dedicated fans all over the nooks and crannies of the world.

How to bet on soccer is a very sensitive topic to discuss, because it involves the use of our hard-earned money to place bets on the teams that we support or teams we just feel, they should win a particular match and will fetch us some good ROI on their stakes.

Where to Bet

In the olden days, soccer bettors go to physical shops and place bets with the agents of the bookmarkers which will in return provide them with printed slips of the bets they have placed. After the bets have won, the bet slip will be presented to the agents, and the agents in return give the bettors the won money, and that’s a good business on the part of the person who has won money, but on the other hand, if the bets placed lose, then the bettors would not need to go back, because the money is lost.

Now it is very easier to place bets in the 21st century, because most bookmakers are now online, all you need to do is sign up on their website with your real name and necessary documents, you will be placing bets online, and whenever you win your bets, the bookmarker will request for your bank accounts in which your won money will be paid into. But if you lose, no money would be paid into your account.

Popular Bet Selections in Soccer

Home Win, Draw and Away Win

The traditional betting way in soccer is playing Home Win, Draw and Away Win. This implies that you either place bet on the home team to win the match at the full time, or a stalemate in which a draw happens or the away team to win the match at full time.

Let me give an examples, An English Premier League match between Manchester United and Chelsea FC;

Home Team – Manchester United


Away Team – Chelsea FC


If Manchester United wins, that’s HOME WIN, if Chelsea FC wins, that’s AWAY WIN, but if none of them wins, then we call a full time DRAW.

Let make an examples of how the bets are placed, let us assume the odds for Manchester United to win is 2.20, while Chelsea to win is 3.50, and lastly a draw in full match is 3.10.

If a bettor decides to stake $100 on Manchester United to win, the returns will be $100 * 2.20 which gives return of $220.

If a bettor decides to stake $100 on the match between Manchester United and Chelsea to be full time draw, then the stake would be $100*3.10 = $310.

If a bettor decides to stake on the away team Chelsea to win the match at the odds of 3.50, the stake will be $100*3.50, and the expected winning would be $350.

Over/ Under 2.5 Goals

There are also many selections to pick on to bet on match days, another that is popular is over 2.5 goals, both under and over. For the over 2.5 goals, there is expectation of at least 3 goals to be scored in the match by the two teams, the reason why people love this kind of bets is because, it only has two chances, it is either the bet goes for over 2.5 goals or under 2.5 goals, unlike the traditional win draw win that has three options.

Both Teams to Score

Another popular selection is the both teams to score option, the bet implies that the two teams that are playing each other must score and concede at least one goal in a match, it also has two options, which is both teams to score as yes, or both teams to score as No.

Other Betting Selections

Other selections that are available are numerous, things like over corners, first half result, second time result, number of yellow cards, would a team receive red card or not and so on.


How To Pick The Best Teams For Betting

On a normal Saturday in which there is no international break for all the football leagues in the world, there used to be over 1000 matches available to bet on from different countries in different leagues, so this sometimes confuses bettors on which team to bet on that will give maximum profits on their stakes.

If you want to always win your bets, you need to take cognizance of top teams that are doing well in their leagues, that is, they are topping their league table and also in excellent form, for example being on a winning risk of at least five games, such teams hardly lose, because they are determined, focused and they set their eyes on winning the league title.

Never place a bet on teams that don’t have something to play for, for example a team that has known that they can’t go for European Champions League, or be among the top 4 teams in the league and they are always comfortable with staying in the middle of league table, always avoid such teams when betting.

Another important factor to consider again is home advantage in soccer, any team playing at home has a bit of an edge to not lose the match because of their supporters who are in their home stadium cheering them to win, if you need to pick selections for win, always pick home teams, and you have a higher probability of winning your bets. Some big clubs in the world count their home stadium as a fortress and they hardly lose on their home ground.

Last thing to always consider when placing your bets, is to check if a leading goal scorer in a team is injured, always check their lineup before placing your bets. There are some teams which build their game play and success of their team on a particular striker, and unfortunately when the striker gets injured, there would be a disarray in the team, and probably you may not win your bets.


If you want to fully know how to bet on soccer and be successful in always winning some money on your stakes, kindly consider everything we have discussed above, as they say “experience is the best teacher”.

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